Course Overview

  • Advice & Stories

    Learn how to improve your business one step at a time. From improving company culture to creating systems in your company, learning financial statements to becoming an expert project manager this class will help you run a better, more profitable company.

  • Downloadable Documents

    When you purchase this class you get access to every form, document, and spreadsheet I used in my construction business: from daily timecards to job descriptions, time tracking studies to estimating checklists, financial statements to mark-up calculators.

  • Instructional Videos

    Print out the slideshow or download a PDF of the slides. Then follow along to over 50 in-depth video lessons. I explain how to use each systems in your business as well as stories and lessons I learned along the way. Many of these lessons cost me thousands of dollars to learn.

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What Is This School About?

Do You Need Help?

Let's face it, we can all use coaching and help staying on track running a business. Here are several reasons to take this class now:

  • You're busy but not making the money you deserve.

  • You're wearing all the hats in your company.

  • You're looking for proven growth strategies.

  • You're new to running as business and want to start right.

  • You're constantly putting out fires and need help.

Class Sections & What You'll Learn

There are over 50 video lessons included in this class. You can watch the entire class in order or you can take it one section at a time.

  • Overview

    Get to know me and find out why I love helping other contractors. You'll also hear more about what's covered in the class.

  • Business Foundations

    Learn how to manage systems within your company and lead the people you work with. This all starts with the right attitude.

  • Strategic Planning

    Learn how to create a mission and vision, develop a strategic plan, and then get people to use it throughout your company.

  • Hiring & Retaining Great Co-Workers

    Hire right the first time and keep the good people. Learn how to use my better hiring system and develop great job descriptions.

  • Risk Management

    Get organized with systems & procedures. Learn how to use all the forms and documents I've developed over the past 30 years.

  • Marketing & Company Culture

    See how I marketed my construction company using websites, direct mail, brochures, and a great overall appearance.

  • Financial Operations

    Learn how to develop and evaluate your balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. It's easier than you might think.

  • Estimating

    Create more accurate residential and commercial estimates using these proven techniques. Plus, learn to use phone estimates, checklists, and load lists.

  • Productivity Improvements

    Use a job binder to transfer information to the field. Develop a job stamp prep list. Learn how to take your job scheduling to the next level.

  • Equipment & Facilities Management

    Find out why hiring a yard man might be right for you? Plus, get advice on how to purchase equipment & negotiate deals.

  • Conclusion

    Review how to get started implementing what you've learned and get tips on the most important areas to focus on.

  • Class Extras

    I'll recommend a few of my favorite books that helped me run my concrete company. I'll also share student success stories.

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Who Is Rocky Geans?

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You can run a more efficient and profitable company. Start today by taking this course and watching a few sections at a time.

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